Hanna's Vision

For more than 75 years, Hanna Center has provided a haven for adolescents whose lives have been impacted by trauma, adversity, and toxic stress. Hanna has worked tirelessly to create an environment in which every individual grows to be resilient and healthy, regardless of the circumstances. As Hanna approaches its ninth decade of care, it is looking to expand its continuum of services by providing family services to those of all ages who have been adversely affected by trauma.

The Hanna Center is reviewing development concepts for a 60-acre portion of its land located across from its main campus on Arnold Drive, to provide:

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A sustainable source of income in support of Hanna’s increased services

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A source of mentoring and job training for Hanna’s program participants

A resource for the Sonoma Valley community

For several years, Hanna has been working with architects, economists, civil engineers, traffic experts, biologists, and other experts to consider how best to utilize the site.

Hanna Project Proposal:

Reimagining 60 Acres

The Hanna Proposal aims to create a plan that addresses the housing needs of a wide array of Sonoma Valley residents – including providing a mix of senior, market-rate, workforce, and affordable housing options. The plan will offer new residents amenities such as neighborhood-serving retail uses and ample public open space. In addition, one consideration is to provide a hotel on the site to offer accommodations for guests of senior housing residents, Hanna guests, as well as visitors to the area. The project envisions a pre-school/child and adult day care facility and a vocational training center.

The Project

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Senior Living

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Open Space

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The Hanna project team has recently initiated a vigorous site planning process to address the parameters for an application to Sonoma County. While envisioning a mix of housing types, Hanna is looking to provide a significant percentage of affordable units within the overall number of homes as part of our site planning process.

In addition to housing for families, the project will include a continuing care community model for seniors. The community would include housing for independent living, assisted living, and memory care. To help support the residential uses on the site, we anticipate providing approximately 10,000 square feet of commercial space.

The project’s hospitality component will provide accommodations for guests of senior housing residents, Hanna guests, as well as visitors to the area. As part of the site planning process, the programmatic goal is for several acres to be left undeveloped for such uses as bike riding and walking paths. As part of Hanna’s vison to increase its continuum of services, it will be looking to conceive, build, and manage a childcare and vocational training center. Both programs will greatly benefit the Sonoma Valley community.

A Community That Celebrates the Site’s Natural Resources

The unique ecology and topography of the site will play a key role in shaping the development of the open space, providing more public access to the property’s creeks and other natural attributes, and creating opportunities for community recreation and other health and wellness activities.

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photo of a planning meeting

Project Team

The primary project team includes a development partner, Impact Urban, master planner SB Architects, SWA, and various other consultants, including traffic experts, civil engineers, and biologists. We are currently working with seasoned partners to develop the affordable housing, market rate, senior housing, and hospitality components.

Keeping you Informed

Whether you’re a neighbor, Sonoma County resident, or business, we want to keep you informed! Throughout the planning process, we’ll make continued updates to our project website to keep the community informed.

To learn more about the project please visit hannacenterproject.com or visit Permit Sonoma

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